About Us


Duck Recon is a small family run Decoy Anchor Rig System manufacturer in North Texas. 

It all began back in 2010 when I was limited to hunting public lands with no guarantee of which “honey-hole” I would be able to hunt that morning.  Of the holes available, I had to also deal with constant water level changes from the beginning to the end of the season.  Out of frustration, a goal was set.........  to make a rig system that will allows the waterfowler the flexibility needed in the field to adjust to mother-nature without the need to spend time and money re-rigging decoys and having the ability to reduce the length of the rig while transporting/storing decoys.  The result ……  the Patent Pending Recon Rig Depth Adjusting Series of rigs was born.

The Recon Rig Depth Adjusting Series is a Texas Style rig system that gives the hunter the ability to adapt to varying water levels easily and our Touch Series rigs are designed for those that require more out of their rigs. 

Both our Depth Adjusting and Tough Series rigs are designed to make transporting decoys much easier by providing the hunter the ability to reduce the rig length by 50% while traveling through the marsh.  Our rigs can also be wrapped around the decoy keel and the end can looped around the keel to even allow those hunters that bag their decoys to also benefit from the built in depth adjustment and the ease of deployment of a Texas Style rig.

Thank you for considering using one of our Recon Rig Series Decoy Anchor Systems.