Depth Adjusting Series

Needing an easy and versatile decoy system that can adapt to various water depths and easy to transport into and out of the field .... look no further. Duck Recon's Recon Rig Depth Adjusting Series Rigs are a Texas style decoy rig system designed for fast and easy decoy placement whether you carry your decoys over your shoulder or in a bag.

Our built-in “Depth Adjuster” and “Transport Loop” sets our system apart from other rigs. With a simple squeeze and slide, you can “reduce” your line depth by up to 70% of the rig length with the excess line sinking below the water surface. The “Transport Loop” added to the other end allows for easier decoy transport by reducing the length of rig by 50% for easier walking.

The line is EXTREMLY FLEXIBLE but rates at a Tensile strength of 800PSI.  It is this flexibility that works best for depth adjusting rigs by allowing the excess line to sink below the decoy after adjustment. Available in GREEN or CLEAR Line.  The GREEN  line is our preferred line that is a bit more flexible and performs better in cold conditions.

Special Features

Adjustable For Varying Depths!  Weight depth can be reduced by up to 70% of the line length.  Customize each individual rig to meet YOUR needs!

Transport Loop!  Reduce rig line length by 50% for easier transport to and from the blind and for storing.

Sinking Line!  Excess line sinks below the water surface.

Sliding Line vs. Weight!   Eliminates issues with mud preventing the weight from sliding down the line.

Dry Hand Retrieval!   Throw Loop rest under the decoy keel for hands-dry access and quick recovery when retrieving decoys.

Available in lengths of 36, 48 or 60 inches w/ either 4 oz or 6 oz weights, this Custom Texas Style Decoy Rig system has built-in "Depth Adjusting" feature and "Transport Loop" for the waterfowler on the move. Each individual rig is designed to work in water depths from 10 to 60 inches based on line length selected.