Part of every purchase from the Duck Recon Store and funds from our Advertisers/Supporters goes towards funding Duck Recon Youth Events.


The objective of any Duck Recon event is simple build some excitement for the youth and motivate them to want to get out into the blind.

For this upcoming season, Duck Recon will be sponsoring a "Youth Waterfowl Challenge" for youth 12 years of age and younger.  This challenge is all about getting out into the blind and enjoy the experience of waterfowling.

This is a National challenge and entry is FREE to all youth participates.  Any ward earned will be shipped to each individual participate at the end of the season but no later than March 30th. 



                                                                                                                  Challenge Achievement Medal 

Challenge Overview and Rules

  • Open to youth nationally ages 12 and under.
  • Complete Entry Form located on the FORMS page and either mail (address on form) or email.  Click Here to go to the Entry Form.
  • Hunt anywhere you want!
  • By Monday of each week submit Participants count of “Days Hunting” for the prior week. Email information to
  • Participants that hunt 5 (five) days or more during the season will receive a "Certificate of Accomplishment".
  • Participants that hunt 10 (ten)  days or more  during the season will receive a "Certificate of Accomplishment" and "Achievement Medal" - shown above.

    Please complete the attached entry form found on our Forms page if entering into the contest only.  Entry fee can be paid online via the link at the bottom of this page or mail a check to the address below.