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Let them call in some ducks.  Having the opportunity to call in some ducks like the pros will put a grin on every youth’s face.

For the seasoned hunter this can be a scary thought with visions of ducks flaring away at the sound of an inexperienced caller - yes this will happen.  But if you do not start them out they will never mature into a true waterfowler and learn to speak "duck-n-ees".  Help put the odds more in their favor by giving your youth the “right” type of call, instructions on how to use and practice before the season. Start with a simple “Quack” and their progression with the Quack will determine when they are ready to learn more advanced calling techniques.

Do not put in their hands one of those $100+ single reed calls that when used correctly will actually put ducks on your dinner table "as some claim".  Find a call that is designed for youths that is easy to use/blow, offers a quality sound and will put up with the abuse youth will put a call through from dirt, spit and the occasional left over pieces from a snack.

Better yet, give your "old" duck call to them and then you can go out and get that new $100+ Duck Call for yourself!