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There is nothing worse for the waterfowler when arriving at their favorite honey-hole just to find that the water level has changed and the decoys are rigged with line that is either too long or too short!

There is nothing more frustrating when walking to and from the blind with traditional Texas Style decoy rig systems and the decoys are getting tangled up with the terrain and slapping against the back your legs!

No need to worry about these challenges any longer!!!!

Duck Recon's Patent Pending Recon Rig Decoy System was designed by hunters for hunters to combat against these situations.  Our goal.........  to make a rig system that will allow the waterfowler the flexibility needed in the field to adjust to mother-nature without the need to spend time and money to do so.

Offered in sets of twelve (12)  and six (6) with 4oz. or 6oz. weights in three different lengths - 36, 48 and 60 inches.

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On behalf of my family and I, we would like to welcome you to the Duck Recon Store!  So please, take a moment to browse through our store.  I am sure you will find something for yourself or a youth you know.

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Jim Roche

President - Duck Recon