As the sun awakens on the horizon, so does the expectation of an excellent morning hunt that every waterfowl hunter anticipates....

There is nothing more enjoyable than showing the next generation the joys and excitement that comes with waterfowl hunting. For the youth, it is in the anticipation of hearing the sound of the wind from the waterfowl decoying into their spread and the perfect shot that they will take. For the adult, it is from seeing and feeling the youth's excitement and the look of pride they have when their first duck is being retrieved.

Duck Recon is an organization dedicated to offering strategies, hunt planning ideas, contest and other services to help those desiring to share their passion for waterfowl hunting with the younger generation. 

Our Mission:

To promote and encourage waterfowl hunting to youth by providing programs, information and services to create opportunities and increase participation in waterfowl hunting.

Our Vision:

To increase the number of active waterfowl hunters by ensuring that the next generation is well versed in the joys and responsibilities that come with waterfowl hunting and continue on in this activity into adulthood.

In support of our Mission and Vision, we run an annual national contest for youth 17 and under called "The Duckman of The Season" contest.  The objective of this contest is to build some excitement for the youth each season and motivate them to want to get out into the blind. We simply want to recognize the youth for their efforts and as such every participant will receive an award.   Go to our Contest and Events page to learn more about this contest.

It is time to take the next generation to the blind. So in the words that we at Duck Recon use to alert the group to shoot ..... TAKE'M!